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True love does not involve lying and secret meetings, lonely nights and unhappy days. You hate yourself for sleeping with another woman’s husband, and you also tell yourself that you can’t break up with this married man because you love him.

You know what true love is, and you also know that if the married man really loved you…he’d be with you every night. You question yourself: “What if he really is different?

Here’s what one of my readers said about breaking up with the guy she was having an affair with: “I became involved with a married man after my divorce,” says Kay on How to End Your Toxic Love Affair Now – Before It’s Too Late.

“He told me how much he loved me, and thought we were meant to be together.

True love means you can introduce the man you love to your family and friends.

True love isn’t suppressed by secrets and deception. You must love him, otherwise you wouldn’t be sleeping with him because you know he’s another woman’s husband. You know it’s a toxic and painful affair – not a real relationship – and yet you keep hanging on.

This married man likes having his wife at home and you as an extra perk on the side.

He enjoys the feeling of both you and her loving him.

He doesn’t respect you or his wife, and you no longer respect yourself.

This married man feels like to meet the most beautiful, perfect man for you.

He’s everything you’ve ever wanted, you belong together…but he is another woman’s husband.

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