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They also realized they had an asset that MADD organizers could only have dreamed of: social media.

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She has trained employers and conducted audits of employment practices.Forcing corporations to take a stand against gun activists is no small feat, says Glaze, an experienced Washington lobbyist.Nobody needs to be armed to get a cup of coffee.” When CEO Howard Schultz announced in mid-September that firearms were no longer welcome on Starbucks’ premises, he declined to discuss the steady pressure applied by Moms, whose 54 Facebook posts over three and a half months had reached more than 5.5 million people and spawned a 40,000-signature petition.Not long after, dozens of men carrying semi-automatic rifles descended on a Dallas restaurant where four Moms members were having lunch.After Sandy Hook, Second Amendment activists had stepped up a tradition of openly carrying firearms into Starbucks stores (“open carry” is legal to varying degrees in all but a few states), so in May 2013, Moms launched a campaign urging members to “#Skip Starbucks” on Saturdays and post pictures of themselves having coffee elsewhere.

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