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The warlock and the Warchief distrusted each other; Gul'dan intended to use Blackhand as a puppet ruler, while Blackhand intended to use Gul'dan to secure his place in orcish history.

Shortly thereafter, Gul'dan dispatched agents of the Shadow Council to spread word of Blackhand's deeds and the powerful new force discovered by the Blackrock shaman.

In the end, the clans unanimously voted for Blackhand as their Warchief.

Blackhand ordered his Blackrock masons to begin construction of a capital, known as the Citadel, in western Tanaan Jungle.

Meanwhile, the most powerful Blackrock warlocks were sent to the other clans to artificially age adolescent orcs much as they had done with their own clan's youths.

Orgrim Doomhammer had long sought to erase the corruption that had damned his people, and when Gul'dan fell into a coma he challenged Warchief Blackhand to a mak'gora duel.

The Blackrocks and their chieftain were seeen as masters of fel magic and were treated with immense reverence.

Gul'dan addressed the gathered orcs once more and convinced them that they needed a single military leader, and that Blackhand, who had led his clan to victory after victory against the draenei, was best suited for the role.

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Although years of war had reduced their numbers, the Blackrock clan remained the strongest within the Horde, and they continued to dictate the course of the war, intimidating the lesser clans within the Horde into following Orgrim's lead.Blackrock orcs commandeered the forges of Stormwind City, but many of them were in ruins due to the fire that had raged through the city.After Gul'dan created the necromantic horrors known as the death knights, Orgrim ordered members of the Blackrock clan to keep a close watch on the undead beings; the Warchief secretly planned to destroy Gul'dan and his new soldiers after the Horde had secured victory.The Blackrock clan is a prominent orcish clan originally hailing from the caverns of Gorgrond.On Draenor, they were known for their strict military discipline and skills in mining and blacksmithing.

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