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Her parents (both lawyers) divorced when she was 7 years old. Hazal Kaya speaks Turkish (native language), fluently English and Italian (advanced), and is learning her fourth language, German.She was introduced to the world of arts at a very young age, as a child she took ballet and violin lessons for 7 years. Her first role (2007) was in the TV series ' Genco' where she took one of the leading roles.The Standard & Poor’s report, however, seems to have been taken out of context since it maintained the Philippines’s “BBB” grade, or two notches above investments rating and a “stable” outlook The report said the ratings on the Philippines reflected S&P’s assessment of its lower middle-income economy but cited rising uncertainties surrounding the stability, predictability, and accountability of its new government.But it added that offsetting these “weaknesses” was the Philippines’s strong external position, which features rising foreign-exchange reserves and low and declining external debt.It even noted that the President “has a strong focus on improving ‘law and order,’ which has allegedly resulted in numerous instances of extrajudicial killings since he came to power.” It added: “We believe this could undermine respect for the rule of law and human rights, through the direct challenges it presents to the legitimacy of the judiciary, the media, and other democratic institutions.“When combined with the president’s policy pronouncements elsewhere on foreign policy and national security, we believe that the stability and predictability of policymaking has diminished somewhat.The S&P report has been the subject of media reports about “rising business fears” on the President’s statements. Duterte heaped scorn on the credit watchdog’s views. I don’t care about you,” the President said in speech during the inauguration of a coal-powered plant in Misamis Oriental.

Other priorities include macroeconomic stability guided by orthodox fiscal, economic and development policies, it said.Tungpalan cited, for instance, existing laws affecting the mining sector, which he said the government just enforces until such laws are amended.“We were laying the 10-point agenda and we were consistently following whatever those are,” he added.“Other factors that mitigate risks associated with the Philippines’s international liabilities include a very low reliance on external savings by its bank and company sectors, as well as the low and mainly long-term nature of the government’s external borrowings,” S&P said.Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III maintained “the Duterte administration is loud and clear in its message.” “We want to achieve a kind of economic growth that is not robust and sustainable but one that actually lifts significantly more Filipinos out of poverty,” he said.

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