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Living with big game, Kasaine says, forces you to develop a fine-tuned radar of where animals have been and where they might be going.

During his 12-kilometer walks to and from school, he learned how to distinguish the paw print of a lion from that of a leopard.

Conservancy land is shared between community members, most of whom are herdsmen who rely on this open terrain to graze their cattle, sheep, and goats.

But because the Selenkay Conservancy is situated right outside of Amboseli, Kenya’s second-most popular national park, it’s also shared with larger, four-legged neighbors like Marti.

Speaking of the changes that need to be made, she said: 'The Sexual Offences Act is not enforced.

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The international draw of these animals means that, on the macro-level, the nation’s economy is inextricably tied to the protection of its wildlife.She helps women visit medical health centres like the one pictured to change this (picture posed by models)'My foundation has set up a helpline that women can call to report a rape.We then connect the woman to the healthcare workers and paralegals in their area who can accompany them to medical examinations and help submit the medical report (Post Rape Care form) to the police, which is needed to take the perpetrator to court. We are going to scale this up, in partnership with Safaricom, one of Kenya's biggest mobile-network providers, to include a text service that women can use to alert us of an attack.'Wangu Kanja spoke about her work and experiences in London last night at Action Aid's 'Celebrating Fearless Women.' To find out more and support the Fearless campaign by signing their petition to end violence against women, visit Tracking Africa’s largest cat on foot may sound like a death wish, but Kasaine has been doing it for most of his life.Born to a traditional Maasai family, he quickly grew to understand the simultaneous beauty and peril of the savannah wildlife.

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