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the part of the story that is seldom told, at least in official circles, is that Byrd and his forces encountered heavy resistance to their Antarctic venture from flying saucers and had to call off the invasion.

A British-Norwegian force and a Russian force, and I believe some Australian and Canadian forces were also involved.

Most have also heard of abductees who have been taken to underground bases with swastika emblems on the walls, or as in the case of noted abductee Alex Christopher, have seen Reptiloids and Nazis working together aboard antigravity craft or within underground bases.

was apparently, not the only one to describe the so-called Nazi connection to Unidentified Flying Object abductions.

Operation High Jump, which was, basically an invasion of the Antarctic, consisted of three Naval battle groups, which departed Norfolk, VA, on 2 December 1946. Byrds command ship, the ice-breaker Northwind, and consisted of the catapult ship Pine Island, the destroyer Brownsen, the aircraft-carrier Phillipines Sea, the U. submarine Sennet, two support vessels Yankee and Merrick, and two tankers Canisted and Capacan, the destroyer Henderson and a floatplane ship Currituck.

This aspect of the story was pushed forward, again, a few years ago, when a retired Rear Admiral, allegedly living in Texas, who had been involved in the invasion, said he was shocked when he read material from a documentary, entitled "Rire from the Sky".

It was touted to be an expedition to find coal deposits and other valuable resources, but... In actuality they were apparently trying to locate an immense underground base constructed by the Germans, before, during and immediately after the Second World War, with the aid of Alien Entities, which were described as Aryans.

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The USS Pine Island, a Currituck Class Seaplane Tender, was laid down, 16 November 1942, at Todd Shipyard Corporation, in San Pedro, California. how does one go about losing a major surface ship, over 640 feet long, almost seventy feet wide, with a displacement of over 15,000 tons? was delivered to Zidell Explorations in Portland, OR (now Zidell Marine) on 3/7/72 under a standard scrapping contract.However, reports such as Christophers and Hills must be taken with a rather large grain of salt...There is a far more plausible explanation than the so-called reptiloids.It was launched, 26 February 1944, and given the commissioned name, USS Pine Island on 26 April 1945. [see As a federal employee with immediate access to the NDRF (National Defense Reserve Fleet) archives, which are all unclassified, let me provide additional information as it relates to the subject story of 3/15. Choron states: The USS Pine Island was struck from the Naval Register, on an unknown date... Zidell paid 6K for the ship, which would be typical.The ship served through the final months of the Second World War, and the immediate post-war period, but was decommissioned on When the Korean War broke out, the ship was re-commissioned, on 7 October 1950, at Alameda, California. The USS Pine Island was struck from the Naval Register, on an unknown date... Her title was transferred to the Maritime Administration for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet... In 1971 PINE ISLAND was towed to Bremerton to be stripped out by the Navy, which is not uncommon for a ship to be scrapped.

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