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An asterisk precedin;-; a title indicates that it is in the Library of Congress and not in the U, 3. In the case of the Library of Congress itens, only books for v/hich ^jrinted cards v/ere available )iav G been included, ^he bulk of the collection belonging- to the U. Department of A:'"riculture is d8:-0sited in the Division of Bee Culture Invesl-igations Library, in chrirr;e of l iss j;thel L. Conn, Librarian, vi/no rendered nmch assistance to the compilers in tj'ie j:)reparation of this catalogue. (Izv Postiia Imper.^tor- skurio ooshch GStvi liubiteloi estestvoznaniia, -.ntropol 0.^11 i^^tno- grafii. Kranoher, Osc.r, LGoen unu zacht cjr honifvjui Gne, ijin .^emoinv Grstand- liches i Gjirouch iibor bohanciun;^ der jienen und iioor t2ti,^eit, nutzen and anntoni G dor Dieno. Hr^d Gbar^, Cr Gatz'sche verl a^souchhand- lan^, [1922] 166 p. and ref Grenc G oook on all sajj Gcts coiin Gotad wit J:i saccessfai b GO-culture, in ooth coimon and raovabiu conio-hives, ^^Ivin^ plain dir^^ctions for the nana-j Grnont of be GS, in Gvory raontii of tlie year with alphabetical index, and thorouj^h- ly illustratinij the nevv system of bee cuitare with the honey Gxtraotor.

6752-6734) Kranchor, Oscr, Kioinos loxikon der bi Gnonzucht and bionenkun ]g , unter , teilvv beriicksichti ^un:^ von .i-eschichte.

Cheniicc I techn-UOiy and ;-.n-lysis of oixs, fats md Waxes...

A book of va Luabio inf om-^ti -jn for jeo, hunters - toils inv.

Tho practiool ooo-n-istort or, .1 tro ti Li J4 •.vhjrcjin tn3 Kicmc-rerriont of boes, bjth in c "n-n i: 'hivo3, .n "; ii: c )i ?

L'infjcti'^n microbionne ot 1 ' irai-iunito choz 1'?

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