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The effect of such behaviour is to curtail a victim's freedom, leaving them feeling that they constantly have to be careful.

In many cases, the conduct might appear innocent ( if it were to be taken in isolation), but when carried out repeatedly so as to amount to a course of conduct, it may then cause significant alarm, harassment or distress to the victim.

A strong, coordinated prosecution team is required to proactively build and manage a case.

It is also important that, where appropriate, victims are able to access relevant support organisations.

The Court of Appeal rejected the argument that malicious allegations could not be oppressive if they could easily be rebutted.

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The term can also include harassment by two or more defendants against an individual or harassment against more than one victim.The PHA was brought into force on 16 June 1997 and was amended by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 to include two new specific offences of stalking, through the insertion of sections 2A and 4A.A court dealing with a person convicted of any offence, including those under sections 2, 2A, 4 or 4A of the PHA, may make a restraining order prohibiting the defendant from doing anything described in the order.The primary intention of this type of harassment is not generally directed at an individual but rather at members of a group.This could include: members of the same family; residents of a particular neighbourhood; groups of a specific identity including ethnicity or sexuality, for example, the racial harassment of the users of a specific ethnic community centre; harassment of a group of disabled people; harassment of gay clubs; or of those engaged in a specific trade or profession.

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