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I met a wonderful woman here on POF, and things seem to be going well.We have had a number of dates, met some of each others family, seemed to have a lot in common, and generally things are developing well.

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Things are going well and I want to be her boyfriend, but I still notice her logging into the dating site where we met.I have a pretty good idea that she is not meeting with anyone else, and am not concerned about that. My last relationship failed because my (then) boyfriend was on the computer all the time...playing around in sites and I finally called him on it. I would confront her about it and have a good discoussion with her as to why she keeps surfing dating sites while you are in a relationship with her. I am not prepared to raise any woman's hopes, and yet "play around" with any others. In any case, have an open, honest and constructive conversation with her. Sorry but you being here is just as bad as her being here. BTW, everything else is going along better than I would expect at this stage, so I am confused. Ah, Whirlish, not a good sign, this checking back until you saw she was offline. I understand you are cautious because of your previous experience, but possessiveness and lack of trust are wonderful relationship-killers. OP: Sweetie, maybe she, like you, is worried about putting all her eggs in one basket this early in a relationship, so she's keeping her options open.On the other hand, why is she on those sites, and especially for longer periods of time? Addiction to the computer can cause pain in relationships..... Maybe you need to give it some serious thought and ask her if this is what she really wants rather than her trying to sneak behind your back and not be honest about this issue. That is OK, if all you want is casual relationships (been there, done it, the sex can be exciting etc, etc), but that is not what I am now looking for. I read my post 5 times to see whare I got in your face and I am still looking for it. This issue comes up so often in the forums--the feeling of not being able to trust someone they met through online dating, because s/he may still be cruising the profiles. Please don't blow this developing relationship with misplaced mistrust. In the time I've been on here I've dated 3 different ladies for a period of time each. I also enjoy the forums, it's a great place to get some very negitive advice. Maybe she talks to friends on those sites, or maybe she knows you're still here and that makes her have the same doubts you have.Just ask her directly about the problem and how you two could solve it. Her words sounded to me like until they decide on a committed one to one relationship than there is no reason to stop looking. This may not turn into a LTR, and that is OK, but my sense is that both parties should at least, if their stated purpose is LTR, to work one relationship at a time, not numerous ones. There is no commitment between the two of you--she has every right to be checking out her options, as do you. I never removed my profile and still logged on the site. lol In your case the only thing that would make me worry is if that lady of your's hasn't mentioned she's still visiting dates sites. Soliciting this kind of advice from strangers is all well and good, but you will never know the answer until you speak to *her.* Unfortunately, whether you think you have good reason or not, checking up on her like that could kill the relationship no matter how much potential it has if she finds out about it.(Sick sense of humor turned on: I don't want to be caught moaning Sally when I am with Betty)East side.... I gave mine and even told him why I have that opinion...back off me dude!!!! Maybe she likes the forums or she has made friends she likes to talk to. If you want the relationship to become exclusive, then discuss this with her. A person should be able to do whatever they like, aslong as they are honest and up front about it. Good luck to you, and I hope all works out as it should. Take your profile and change your status to "not single/not looking". I hid my profile, put a disclaimer up, and changed my status on this site because I'm not looking.

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