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Set in the Hebrides off Scotland, the story tells how Ewan Mac Ewan leaves the isle of Eorsa in search of the perfect wife, but finally returns to marry Katie.

Bill Travers revives his "Geordie" character from that film four years earlier but now gets the accent just about right, this time as Ewan Mac Ewan the Hebridian country-boy Islander who makes a last effort to find and marry a mainland girl to avoid the dreaded consanguinity (the marrying of blood relations) on his island community .

At the university he has to do the bidding of absent-minded and boring Professor Welch to have any hope of keeping his job. See full summary » Doctor Jonathan Dakers in flashback tells his son Tony - a World War II veteran, about his life dating from the 1900s.

Whilst amedical student he meets and falls for Edie. See full summary » Travis and his team travel to China in search of what isn't supposed to exist ...

The fly in the ointment is the sole Nazi on board who insidiously asserts his influence on the survivors, allowing Hitchcock to examine all aspects of human nature as the protagonists do whatever they can to survive.

about a terrorist cell in London is most famous for the incredibly suspenseful and horrific sequence when a bomb-laden package explodes on board a packed bus.

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The aim was for the finished movie to look like one continuous shot, giving the audience the impression that everything on screen happens in real time.

A series of misunderstandings and various escapades,lead to him constantly missing breakfast, dinner and tea.

Pursued by the police he is finally arrested in mistake for "Mike Flanagan" leader of the "Dynamite Mob" of Glasgow salmon poachers (just as he is about to sit down for ANOTHER meal , appropriately, poached salmon! Finally escaping the police and a pair of harpy man-eating sisters he decides there's no place like home, where, the girl of his dreams has been waiting all the time! There are some lovely glimpses of Oban and the surrounding countryside in the 50s indeed one can visit most of the film's locations in a day out from that town.

There have been many notable injustices since the first ceremony took place in 1929, but surely none more surprising than the absence of Alfred Hitchcock’s name from the list of winners.

The man responsible for some of the greatest films ever made, and who committed many of cinema’s most deathless images to celluloid, never won an Academy Award despite being nominated for best director on five occasions: 20.

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