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Being part of the soap opera genre, it goes without saying that there was drama, lots of drama.Over the years, many characters have come and gone, some have been replaced and written off in the most creative ways.For her role on the soap opera, the blonde beauty has received two Logie Awards – Best New Talent and Most Popular Actress.Melissa left the show in 1996 and her Hollywood career has been on the rise ever since.He was recently chosen by People Magazine as the Sexiest Man Alive.

When she was cast to Mullholand Drive, she played alongside former co-star, Naomi Watts.On his time on the show, Chris was quoted saying that ‘The role in Home and Away is consistent work for me and is a great experience.It is so fast-paced and basically it allows me to learn a lot about the industry.’ After leaving the show in 2007, the young aspiring actor went on to pursue a career in Hollywood, and he made it, to say the least.She played the runaway teenager who was the on screen object of affection of fellow star, Dieter Brummer and together they became one of Australia’s favorite soap opera couples.However, it seemed like things were quite different off screen as they were not getting along so well and in fact, they haven’t been speaking in years.

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