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Niall Horan was spotted making out with someone rumored to be his new girlfriend!The new girl isn't his former crush Demi Lovato, it's a college student named Amy Green. ) about Amy, but she went to asked Demi about Niall recently she told us, "I think Niall is super, super sweet and we've become good friends...She must have heard through the grapevine, because soon after, Collins started liking Horan's photos on Instagram, and fans started to take notice: But it looks like Niall took his shot and missed, because it seems like there hasn't been many more updates to this possible relationship – which, let's be honest, would be adorable in pretty much every way.Unfortunately, it looks like "Nially" won't be a thing, ever.Aside from having a really cool name, I didn't really know exactly who Olympia Valance was. I've been single pretty much all this year and it's been really nice ...Apparently, she's a model and an actress, and after a quick Google search, I see that she has several abs, so automatically I'm impressed. I've always had problems being on my own before and now I'm actually like, I really love this and just not having anyone to answer to. Here's my take on this: are the two in a relationship together? Are they maybe seeing each other because they're both really, really, ridiculously good-looking and can have a no-strings fling behind the media's back? Conclusion: not too sure on this one, but I'm going to go with no, the two aren't in a secret relationship.OK, yes, Harry Styles is super-talented and pretty damn cute, and Zayn Malik is also pretty hot (and don't worry, Louis and Liam, I'm looking you up and down, too).Basically ALL of the One Direction band members are looking mighty fine these days. Because on one hand, it seems as though he's single and ready to mingle, but on the other hand, it looks like he *could* have a secret girlfriend (or two).

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And in one particularly cute moment the pair locked pinkies as they chatted with pals in the VIP bar.

But yeah, for the most part it’s about that one person.

However, he flip-flops back and addresses that it's not about a current girlfriend, adding, "“I’m single now, yep. Extremely single.”CAN YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND, NIALL?

Conclusion: sorry guys, I'm going to debunk this rumor.

But as I previously mentioned, there's another fine lady out there that may very well have Niall's attention.

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