Updating firmware in belkin router

Belkin has corrected the list of five potential vulnerabilities affecting the We Mo line of home automation solutions that was published in a CERT advisory on February 18.

Belkin was in contact with the security researchers prior to the publication of the advisory, and, as of February 18, had already issued fixes for each of the noted potential vulnerabilities via in-app notifications and updates.

The update Belkin recently issued patches these holes. As the Internet of things takes off, hackers and malicious coders have an increasing number of targets.

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When trying to download the software from the Belkin website, I save the file, but Windows 7 does not recogonize the file type. When you connect to the router's admin panel, you are interacting with that firmware. No software needs to be installed on your computer.Fear not, owners of Belkin We Mo devices: you no longer have to lose sleep over the possibility that your smart plug will be hacked.Belkin has rolled out an update that patches the five vulnerabilities listed by FEMA’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team.A LAN-based attacker can bypass authentication to take complete control of vulnerable devices.As for a solution, the team at CERT notes that they are not aware of any practical solutions users can currently implement to stymie such attacks.

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